what is pip or a tick in forex

A pip/tick/point are the general terms for the smallest
incremental move possible in any market quoted by
Capital CFDs. A pip move usually, but not always, also
represents a full ‘stake’ movement in your profit or
loss total. The most obvious exception is in UK equities
where a pip movement results in just a 1/10 stake
movement in your profit or loss. Clients should always
be aware of what the underlying stake or unit risk is for
all markets in which they wish to trade

what are Rolling Daily contracts

Rolling Daily contracts
Contracts that do not expire at the end of each day but
automatically roll to the next trading day. Overnight
financing is applied to rolling contracts

what are cfd indices

Indices are a customised basket of securities that track
a particular market or segment. Each index has its own
calculation methodology and its own specific process
in order to select particular securities. At Capital CFDs
you can trade on all of the major financial indices, such
as the Australian 200, UK 100, German 30, Wall Street
(US) and S&P 500.